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About KMDB Manufacturers

KMDB Manufacturers is a leading name in the manufacture and distribution of high quality trailer components. KMDB is also the only company, globally, to have developed a viable alternative to the drum brake on trailers and light trucks.

The Knuckle Mechanical Disk Brake, or KMDB for short, is the world’s first successful, floating calliper mechanical disc brake that can be used on trailers. The company’s co-founders Brian Anthony Paulsen and Flip de Klerk, with over 30 years of experience within the trailer market, have developed the ultimate disc brake and have finally brought it to the South African market.

KMDB now offers this unique brake, alone or assembled onto axles, along with specifically designed couplers, for a safer and superior alternative to the drum brake.

Patent No. PCT/ZA2012/000021

KMDB Manufactures evolved from Global Manufacturers, one of South Africa’s largest names in trailer components with over 30 years of experience within the industry, and a partnership with the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). KMDB, a venture capital company, has successfully developed a fully mechanical disk break, capable of replacing the drum brake, and are now supplying it to the South African market.

KMDB’s vision is to provide a safer and more superior alternative to the drum brake which, until now, was the only viable option available to the trailer and caravan market.

KMDB’s Head Office is located in Nigel, South Africa and houses its sales office and manufacturing plant, which specializes in manufacture of good quality trailer components, from braked axels to couplers and jockey wheels.