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KMDB Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd is currently focused on the trailer market in Southern Africa. We have international partners that, through us, assist with international sales of our disc brake system. However, we are fully aware that there are many uses for the KMDB brake, and we are open to business opportunities with partners in other industries.

Some possible future developments we have identified are listed below.



In most countries, the law requires a mechanical park brake. Drum brakes often fulfill this function, causing most vehicles to contain both hydraulic disc as well as mechanical drum brakes. With the KMDB disc caliper, a vehicle can utilize and maintain a disc only system and still retain a mechanical park brake.

Automotive Hydraulic Brake

Automotive Hydraulic Brake


Currently not permitted in South Africa, electrical brakes are quite commonly used where hydraulics are not viable. Once again, the option of dual mechanical and electrical brake systems is a possibility with the KMDB brake.

Automotive Electrical Brake      Automotive Electrical Brake

Light Delivery Vehicles & Trucks

The KMDB is also a viable replacement for the transmission brake, where the park brake is located on the drive-shaft rather than the wheels of the vehicle. This applies to delivery vehicles ranging from a typical “pickup” truck all the way to a 3 ton truck.

Light Delivery Vehicles & Trucks Brakes         Light Delivery Vehicles & Trucks Brakes






In addition to the transmission brake, the KMDB disc caliper could function as a re-usable emergency brake.

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Should you or your company wish to pursue any of the above or alternative developments, please feel free to contact KMDB Manufacturers directly.