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ECE R13 Certification

Mechanical Disc Brake Certification

The Knuckle Mechanical Disc Brake underwent SABS testing as per the requirement for the current trailer market, ECE R13, and surpassed all expectations. The brake was tested for 2 Ton and 3.5 Ton respectively. The results can be found below, on the following test reports:

2 Ton Test Results – KMDB Brake

3.5 Ton Test Results – KMDB Brake

KMDB Coupler Certification

The KMDB coupler underwent stringent tests according to European Standard, as set out by COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 1060/2008 of 7 October 2008. The coupler underwent 2 000 000 cycles per test with regards to the respective weight classes. Test results available below:

3.5 Ton test – KMDB Coupler

5 Ton Test – KMDB Coupler